Planning Your Party
When planning your party or event you have to figure out what drinks you are going to serve, how much booze to buy, what mixers you will need, how much ice, etc.  There are so many details to consider it can get overwhelming and it takes the fun out of throwing a party.  That's where we can help you. We will ask you the appropriate questions to determine exactly what will be needed for your party in order to make it a successful and memorable occasion. Let us take care of everything for you!
Here is a list of things to consider when planning a party:
How many people will be attending and drinking at your party?
How many hours will they be drinking?
What types of drinks would you like to serve Ex: Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks, Shots, Soda, etc.?
Who will be serving the drinks and tending the bar?
How many bartenders do you need?
Will there be music? How will you play the music? (Band, DJ, Radio, Spotify/Bluetooth speaker)
Will you need power (electric) in the location that the bar and party will be set up?
Do you need lighting?
Here is a potential list of supplies you will need: (depending upon the answers to the above)
Glasses or plastic cups to serve the drinks in.
Coolers to keep ice in and the drinks cold.
Napkins, Straws, Stirrers, Shakers, Ice, Fruit, Garnishes, Juices, Mixers, Sodas, Water, Bottle Openers, Wine Corkscrew.
Here is a list of extras that can make your party even better:
High Top Tables for guests to stand at, Overhead Vintage Edison Style Party Lights, Stools or Bar Chairs, Music, Balloons and Decorations, Specialty Cocktails, Craft Beers, High-End Whiskeys, Bourbons, Expensive Wines, and Champagne.

There are four main parts to the Shake and Stir Bar Truck service:
(Each part is priced and custom quoted separately)
Part #1. The Bar Truck comes with all of its classic visual charms and creates a centerpiece (eye candy) for your guests to gather around. It comes with a 16-foot long bar, overhead vintage Edison style party lights (and the poles to hang them), wireless Bluetooth speaker system, three high top tables, onboard generator if electric is not available, and coolers.
Part #2. The Bartenders: Professional bartenders. You can request male or female and how they are dressed.
Part #3. The Mixers: Soda, Fruit, Napkins, Cups, Juices, Straws, Ice, Etc. basically, everything needed to make awesome drinks.
(except the booze)
Part #4. The Booze: Beer, Wine, Alcohol/Spirits (obviously the choices here are endless)

What does it cost to have The Shake and Stir Bar Truck at your event?  
Contact us with the details of your event and we will custom configure a package and options for you.
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We have several different ways of configuring our services and various options to suit most budgets.
I look forward to raising a glass with you!      

Shake and Stir brings the bar to your party!

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